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Affordable, organized and easy to use. Radtech Education is a wonderful website to use for any x-ray tech needing their continuing education credits…but to make it even better, the customer service is beyond reproach! I had some tech issues (due to my work computer NOT this website) and Brent was more than helpful. I highly recommend this website to anyone!

Jody T

Enrolling in the AI course was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my continuing education. Unlike other courses I’ve taken merely to meet professional requirements, this one truly expanded my knowledge in AI and DL. Added bonus? I earned all 24 credits in a single course.

Cristine F

This is my first time using this website for obtaining my 24 CE credits. It’s very affordable, user friendly, clear and also has interesting articles. I’ve been a rad tech for over 25 yrs and used to use Gage but it’s kind of pricey. I’ll continue to use!


Highly recommend using
Extremely user friendly and they will get back to you ASAP if you have any questions. Also love how you can purchase the individual CE’s needed at an amazing price, instead of a large bundle. Thank you so much!!!

Zoe L

Did all my required CE’s with RADTECHEDU. It was easy and actually interesting (a course on how to identify bullet types on CT!). You can pick individual courses, or a group at a great discount. Highly recommend RADTECHEDU to complete your CE’s.

Reisa L

I’ve always had an excellent experience with RadTech Education. I like the variety of CEUs to choose from and the price is excellent. The courses instructors are very knowledgeable and I never have issues passing the testing requirements at the end. They are definitely my first choice when it comes to continuing education credits.

Claire W

I have been very happy using this program for my continuing education requirements. It is easy, straightforward and convenient. I am able to electronically complete the courses, take the tests, and store the certificates for reporting. Monthly courses are sent via email, so there is no planning required, I can simply complete that one course per month, and credits are completed. There are also many higher credit count courses that I can choose to complete. The ARRT accepted my entries with no problem. I am not employed full time in the field, and my occupation as full time Mom doesn’t pay any bills, so the fair price is my favorite part. Do not sleep on this program!

Ashley H

I just found this website and really like it for the CE credits and convenience. The instruction is not too long and the quizzes are to the point.

Jessica B

Very informative and helpful CE’s would definitely recommend others to join.

Kushal P

The website was very user friendly and I was able to complete the CEUs needed easily.

Erin J

Radtech edu is an awesome site for offering easy to follow CEUs. Would recommend to anyone needing to earn those ARRT requirements!

Amanda I

Great CEU points fast. Price was right also. Way cheaper than paying for magazines and I was able to get all 24 points.

Amber M

Rad Tech Education has so much to offer! I’ve taken a handful of courses from them. Easy to navigate, relevant material and good information. I’ll continue to use them for all my future CE requirements!

Tiffany H

Very helpful and easy to navigate!

Matt A

I thought the classes were informative and helpful and ThankYou for offering CE credit classes online .

Sandy R

Radtech was a great way for me to get extra CEs. Easy to navigate and very informative! Highly recommend

Lauren A

Great courses, very helpful for my education.

Annette T

I took the course: Pediatrics and 10 Strategies for Digital Radiology. It was very informative, useful and easy to follow and understand. Recommend it for anyone. I also took the course: MSK Elbow Imaging with MRI Emphasis. I am not an MRI Technologist but found the course useful in my radiology imaging role. Easy to complete. Recommend this course.

Holly F

The courses were exactly what I needed! Easy to run through, easy to complete. They helped a great deal to get my CEUs done on time!

Karen G

Rad tech education
It is very kind to get free CE credits ….
I like doing them in my own in my own time.
Thank you .

Cheryl H

I’m so glad I found this site, I just needed a few CQR credits to complete. I didn’t have to purchase an entire group of courses. You are able to purchase individual courses. I’ve booked marked there website for further CEU’s. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jeannette B

This site was easy to use and very straightforward. I like that you can save the course material so you can work at your own pace. The cost for lessons is very affordable compared to some other places that offer radiology CEUs. I will definitely be using them again to complete my next 24 credits of CEUs and I recommend these courses to anyone in need of credits.

Shauna G

I enjoyed the modules. They provided “to the point” relative information and were very easy to navigate through.

Joseph K

Quick and cost effective way to obtain some of your CQR credits. Worth the subscription

Jordan F

 I have loved my experience with RadTech Education. It is a great source for continuing education credits, no matter the modality. Their tests are simple, and educational. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ashleigh H

I was surprised by how informative my course was. It was almost a complete review.

Christina M

Radtech education is caracterized by ease and and efficient way of understanding, learning and refreshing the knowledges you need.
It allowed me to accomplish my CE goals in a fast and friendly manner. Thank you the your constant effort!

Bogdan C

Tests were fairly easy, and pertain to my modality. Prices were reasonable. would recommend.

Frederick D

Radtechedu made it so easy to achieve credits I needed when I realized I was short! They are more than fairly priced and there are many interesting subjects to choose from. I will definitely use this site again!

Laurie G

Wow, just wow. Paying to support ASRT for $125/year is one thing – if that’s your intention. But if, as many, you are just using it as a means to garner your CE’s – yikes! I can’t believe I have been paying them $125/year for 15 years – that’s $1,875 – (forehead dope slap)

Even on a Sunday. I just expected my email to go in to customer service que, but I got an answer within an hour (it was probably less but I wasn’t checking my email). He put me at ease as to how simple the process was, and walked me though, answering every replied email almost immediately (you need to get a life, Brent, haha).

Anyway, I only regret waiting so long – what was I afraid of

Harlan L

Easy to use site and good topics for CEU’s

Debbie F

It was easy for me to get all of my CQR courses easily on RadTech Edu. The courses were informative and easy to follow.

I would recommend RadTech Edu to any medical imaging professional.

Victoria G

I thought the format was great. No complaints.

Melinda F

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