The courses on this page were assigned CQR / SE credits by ARRT® for the listed modality. 

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NOTE: The credits listed on the individual courses are the standard biennial CE values and does not represent the CQR / SE values. 

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The values for CQR and Structured Education are the same.  The values listed in the dropdown list will satisfy either CQR or Structured Education (SE) requirements.

Your Certificate

The credits listed on your certificate of completion are the CE biennial credits only.  Your certificate does not list the completed CQR or Structured Education Credits.  ARRT® has assigned CQR and SE credits to each course listed on this page and uses the standard certificate to satisfy the CQR or SE requirements assigned to that certificate in their database. 

Your Responsibility

Rad Tech Education does everything it can to provide accurate information for all its courses including the CQR / SE credits listed here.  Even though we verify the accuracy of the information we are not able to guarantee the information due to natural human error.  It is your responsibility as the technologist to verify the information with the ARRT® at or call 651.687.0048 and choose the Continuing Qualifications Requirements option.

It is your responsibility as the technologist to keep track of the CQR or SE credits you need and what you already have completed.


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All Mammography CQR and SE Courses Are Included in the Unlimited Credits Option or You Can Buy Individually.

Courses are in Alphabetical Order

Mammography CQR / SE Credit List – Click Here


Classification of Breast Masses.

1.25 Category A Credits


Male Breast Cancer: Genetics and Management.

1 Category A Credit

All Our Courses Satisfy ARRT® CE Requirements – ARRT®

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