Virtual CT Trainer Manual.

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  • Expiration Date: 7/1/26
  • Credit Hours: 6.75 Category A Credits

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Computed Tomography - CT training

CQR / Structured Education

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Course Description And Objectives:


  • How to set up and scan routine CT exams including common CT angiography.
  • Properly position the patient on the CT table using the positioning laser lights.
  • Identify common scanner and injector settings.
  • Understand the difference between conventional CT and helical CT.
  • Understanding basic CT physics and image production. 
  • Learn how to use the CT table and gantry controls.
  • List the different types of contrast used in CT.
  • Describe the proper procedure for contrast injections including common scan delay times.
  • Recognize common contrast reactions.
  • Identify common labs used in CT and what they mean.
  • Describe how to place an IV catheter for a contrast injection.
  • List normal vital sign ranges.
  • How to effectively reduce radiation exposure in CT.
  • Recognize common pathology.
  • Properly identify cross sectional anatomy.
  • Identify common image artifacts.

Course Description

The information taught in the Virtual CT Trainer manual and the Virtual CT Trainer software comes from my personal experience of over 28 years as a technologist and my 12+ years working in the modality of CT. 

This manual is designed to teach you all of the CT basics including, Cross Sectional Anatomy, Patient labs and normal ranges, Contrast injection procedures, Patient vitals and normal ranges, Scan set up, IV starts with images and step by step instructions, Common image artifacts, Common pathology, Scan protocols, delays and Injector settings.

The screen shots of the software included in this manual will take you through each scan including step by step instructions of the following exams: Head with and without contrast • Head CTA • Sinus • Soft tissue neck • Neck CTA • Chest with contrast • PE Study • Stone study • Abdomen/Pelvis with contrast • Multiphase exams • Cervical spine • Lumbar spine • Wrist • Shoulder • Knee • Foot.  This manual also includes step by step written procedures on the following exams: Elbow • Hand • Humerus • Forearm • Hip • Femur Lower leg • Ankle.

NOTE: It is important to understand that procedures and techniques can be done differently from facility to facility so keep in mind that your facility may vary from the procedures and techniques taught here.

This activity may be available in multiple formats or from different sponsors. A self-learning activity can be completed only once per biennium.

Virtual CT Trainer Manual Course