Use of CT in Traumatic Orbital Emergencies

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  • Approver: ASRT®
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  • Expiration Date: 5/1/24
  • Credit Hours: 1.25 Category A Credits

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  • ARRT: Accepted
  • NMTCB: Accepted
  • California: Accepted
  • Florida: Technical 
  • Texas: Direct
  • ARDMS: Accepted
ce xray - Image of human orbits


ce xray - CQR Computed Tomography

Structured Education

ce xray - CQR Computed Tomography

Course Description And Objectives:


  • Understand why computed Tomography is the gold standard for orbital trauma assessment.
  • Understand how CT enables evaluation of orbital fractures, soft tissue injuries, foreign bodies.
  • Gain a better understanding of how CT multiplanar reconstructions helps with surgical planning of orbital fractures.
  • Have the knowledge to explain how CT allows the visualization of the ocular globe content and structures.

Course Description

This CE course goes into detail about all the different traumatic injuries of the orbit and how CT is used to quickly evaluate this type of injury. It discusses in detail the many types of orbit injuries including an assortment of CT images of bone and soft tissue injuries, including 3D images of orbital fractures.

This activity may be available in multiple formats or from different sponsors. A self-learning activity can be completed only once per biennium. ARRT® CE Requirements

Use of CT in Traumatic Orbital Emergencies Course