Pediatrics and 10 Strategies for Digital Radiology.

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Child on X-ray table - Continuing Education for Radiology

CQR / Structured Education

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Course Description And Objectives:


  • Explain the basics of digital radiology and standard terminology
  • Identify challenges associated with digital imaging and body part measurements
  • Discuss key factors for establishing technique charts and using grids with thick body parts
  • List important elements related to collimation and acceptable noise levels
  • Explain technique factors displayed on each image
  • Describe and identify key components of a quality assurance program

Course Description

Radiation exposure to pediatric patients is of high importance for the safety of the patients. As a result, raising awareness of how to decrease radiation dose, while simultaneously maintaining diagnostic image quality is essential. The campaign created by Image Gently promotes radiation dose awareness to maintain diagnostic imaging quality when radiographing pediatric patients. Current initiatives stress methods for standardizing imaging approaches to pediatric digital radiology. This course will present 10 strategies radiology technologists can take to decrease exposure rates to children when using digital radiology.

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Pediatrics and 10 Strategies of Digital Radiology Course