MSK Elbow Imaging with MRI Emphasis

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mri ce credits - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machine

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Course Description And Objectives:


  • To review challenges in MR imaging of the elbow and identify strategies to optimize imaging protocols.
  • To review osseous and soft tissue anatomy of the elbow.
  • To demonstrate the MR imaging appearance of commonly encountered pathology of the elbow.

Course Description

The elbow is a complex joint made up of three separate articulations within a common capsule. The proximal ulna articulates with the trochlea and functions as a hinge joint, while the proximal radioulnar joint provides for rotational movement of the forearm. The radiocapitellar joint allows for both hinge and rotational movements. Together, these allow for flexion and extension of the arm and, in conjunction with the distal radioulnar joint at the wrist, pronation and supination as well.
This article will discuss the normal anatomy of the elbow and the most common types of elbow pathology as well as their appearances on various imaging studies, with an emphasis on MR imaging

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MSK Elbow Imaging with MRI Emphasis Course