Male Breast Cancer: Genetics and Management.

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  • Expiration Date: 12/31/24
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  • ARRT: Accepted
  • Florida: Cat A / Technical
  • California: Accepted
  • Texas: Direct
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Structured Education

Course Description And Objectives:


  • Understand the rare disease of male breast cancer
  • Identify epidemiology and predisposing genes of male breast cancer
  • Learn the differences between male and female breast cancers

Course Description

Understand the rare disease of male breast cancer (MBC) with a specific focus on epidemiology and predisposing genes. The genetic and/or epigenetic alterations at the somatic level identify a subset of male breast cancer (MBC) that could differ from female breast cancer (FBC). This course also focuses on hereditary cancer syndromes and cancer genetic counseling, including Imaging, prevention, and treatment, which represents essential aspects of male breast cancer (MBC) management and the ability to offer patients and their at-risk family members adequate management.

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Male Breast Cancer: Genetics and Management Course