Magnetic Resonance Imaging Fundamentals.

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Course Description And Objectives:


  • Better Understanding of Physical Fundamentals of MRI
  • Understand the Concepts for MRI Imaging
  • Common pulse sequences to produce different types of image contrasts
  • Tips on speeding up the acquisition process

Course Description

This course will provide the understanding of MRI fundamentals and how manipulating MRI parameters can affect the contrast of the final image.  The MRI fundamentals discussed include, echo time (TE), repetition time (TR), RF pulse, slice selection, spatial encoding, k-space, multiple dimension imaging including 2D and 3D, pulse sequences (spin echo and gradient echo), parallel imaging, and non-contrast angiography (Time of Flight (TOF)).  MRI is always evolving and changing to improve patient experience and comfort, image acquisition speeds, and image detail.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Course