Artificial Intelligence in Modern Medical Imaging

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  • Approver: AHRA®
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  • Expiration Date: 11/30/2026
  • Credit Hours: 24 Category A Credits

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Artificial Intelligence in Modern Medical Imaging - AI in Radiology

CQR / Structured Education – AI in Radiology

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Learn About AI in Radiology and How it is Changing Radiology Today!

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AI in Radiology – Course Description And Objectives:


  • Grasp the advancements of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging
  • technologies and their clinical implications in modern healthcare.
  • Examine the application, benefits, and challenges of AI in various diagnostic
    modalities, such as CT, MRI, and X-ray, breast imaging, ultrasound, nuclear
    medicine, interventional radiology, and PET imaging, focusing on their uses and
    specific pathologies.
  • Understand the role and significance of AI-driven big healthcare data analytics
    and its efficient management.
  • Analyze AI and deep learning architectures applied to disease classification,
    organ/tissue segmentation, and in-silico modelling.
  • Appreciate the transformative potential of AI in imaging informatics, including its
    contribution to precision medicine and enhanced radiology.
  • Familiarize with the integration of AI tools in emergency radiology for optimized
    acquisition, quality, and smart reporting.
  • Dive deep into the realm of neuroradiology, exploring AI’s tasks and potential in
    enhancing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Understand the current landscape of AI in breast imaging, nuclear medicine, and
    US scanning, emphasizing advancements, limitations, and future potential.
  • Establish foundational knowledge on AI, machine learning, deep learning, and
    their applications in radiology, including innovative technologies like
    radiogenomics and AR/VR.
  • Examine the broader context of AI in medical imaging, including data
    dissemination, molecular imaging, and ethical considerations.

Course Description

Dive into the fascinating world where artificial intelligence (AI) meets advanced medical imaging. This course offers a deep exploration of the dynamic relationship between AI and medical imaging across a range of medical specialties. Engage with the intricate processes of disease classification, 3D visualization, and AI-driven analytics specially tailored for radiology and digital pathology. You will be guided through the transformative potential of integrative analytics and the steps of preparing medical images for AI
applications, from acquisition to annotation.

Dive deeper into AI as we uncover open access tools, groundbreaking image repositories, and their revolutionary impacts on clinical practice and research. Special attention is given to AI’s transformative role in emergency radiology, chest X-ray interpretations, oncological CT and MRI imaging, and the detection of abdominal hemorrhage lesions in CT scans. Discover the groundbreaking fusion of AI with MRI principles, especially in diagnosing neurological and psychiatric conditions. Also see firsthand AI’s rapidly growing role in neuroradiology, breast imaging, ultrasound, interventional radiology, and PET imaging. Use this course to bridge the gap between AI and transformative medical imaging techniques.

This activity may be available in multiple formats or from different sponsors. A self-learning activity can be completed only once per biennium.  ARRT® CE Requirements

Artificial Intelligence in Modern Medical Imaging Course – AI in Radiology