Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists

Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists

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Feeling Burnout? Consider Some Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists

Maybe Changing Careers Will Help

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What is Burnout?

An Imbalance of Work, Health, and Life.

Burnout is a state of physical and mental exhaustion caused by personal
and work-related stress.

Life can be demanding both in our personal lives and work environment
and when this becomes something that we are not able to get any relief
from day in and day out, it leads to a state of burnout.

Some Typical Causes of Burnout

  • Not Enough Help to Handle the Demand – Short Staffed
  • Intense Work Demands (Pandemic)
  • Working Long Hours (12 -16 hours shifts) or Overtime
  • Reduced Sleep – Due to Work or Personal Stress
  • Stressful Work Conditions (High Demand Work Environment, Short Staffed, Pandemic)
  • Personal Life Challenges

Symptoms of Work Burnout

  • Emotional / Physical Exhaustion
  • Consistent Anxiety – Especially Related to Work
  • Dreading Having to go to Work – Calling Out
  • Interrupted Sleep – Either Insomnia or Restless Sleep
  • Irritability – Lack of Patience
  • Detach Yourself Emotionally from Your Job
  • Feeling Depressed – Unmotivated

How to Prevent Burnout – Burnout Solutions

  • Get Plenty of Sleep
  • Talk to Your Supervisor
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Counseling / Therapy
  • Take Regular Time for Yourself – Vacation or Day Off
  • Find a Hobby You Enjoy
  • Spend Time with Friends or Family – Support Group
  • Change Jobs or Careers (See Options Below)
  • Set or Establish Boundaries with Things Adding to Your Stress

My Personal Story

I have been in the radiology field for over 28 years and have had several
instances of job / personal burnout along the way.

The way that I have delt with burnout and personal job dissatisfaction over
the last 28 years is not necessarily the best way to deal with the issue, but
it is what has worked for me over the years. You will need to find a way
that works for you and your personality and a way that fulfils your personal

Radiology School

When I decided to get into radiology, I was a single dad of two young kids
(2 and 6). Going through the radiology program as a single dad lent itself
to a strong sense of burnout by the time I graduated. The demands of the
radiology program and my responsibilities as a single parent were more
than I could handle at times.

I have people ask me how did you do that with two young kids? To be
honest I don’t know. I knew I needed to provide for my kids and what I was
currently doing for a living was not going to work. I set the goal to go to
school and put my head down and made it happen. That does not mean
there was no pain along the way.

There were many times I would break
down in exhaustion and want to quit. Thankfully my support system would
talk me into continuing and I would get up and dust myself off and continue
moving forward. Was it easy? Absolutely NOT! Probably one of the
hardest things I have ever done in my life, but I made it to graduation,
passed my boards and moved forward.

In the 28 years that I have been a technologist I have also acquired my
registry in both CT and MRI. I have had 10 different jobs over the 28 years
with most of them being in a clinic setting. I have found for me that the
clinic setting is less stressful than a big hospital with a busy ED. Some
technologists may find the clinic setting boring because they like the
excitement of a busy trauma hospital and that’s ok. Everyone has their
own likes and dislikes – that’s what makes the world go around.

How I Dealt with Burnout

When I got burned out or bored in my 28-year radiology career, I either
pursued another modality or changed jobs.

I am probably unusual in the fact that I like change. Does change cause
me anxiety and stress? Absolutely, but it also provides excitement and new
learning opportunities. To me things become boring very quickly and if I am not
learning or challenged, I get bored.

I am not one that likes the same old thing every day, I personally can’t stand that.

Does that mean you have to deal with it the way I do? Absolutely Not!
You need to find the way that works for you when you are bored or burned
out at your job. That is what this document is about and it will provide you with
ideas to help you explore what will work for you when you are dealing with
burnout or boredom. Continue exploring below on how to deal with making
a change, overcoming the fear of failure and success, and explore possible
career changes that could be more fulfilling to you and your life.

Making Changes and Over Coming Fear

Making a Change Can Be Scary and Rewarding

To some people making a change can be very scary. Doing something
different is always a little scary or anxiety producing, but it can also be a lot
of fun, rewarding and eliminate burnout.

Staying in our comfort zone can make us feel more secure, composed and
less anxious, but on the other hand staying in your comfort zone can also
lead to things like becoming stale, burnout, lack of personal growth and

Yes, change can cause some anxiety and stress but that is usually
temporary. When you find the right change it can provide a sense of
achievement, fulfillment and a happier life.

When Thinking of Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists – You May Ask Yourself

What if the change is worse than what I have now? Then you simply
change again. You’re not locked into anything, keep moving forward until
you find your happy and fulfilled place in life. Don’t settle just because it is

Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists Can Stimulate a Fear of Failure

Fear of failure has an obvious definition – What if I try this and it fails?
What if it does not work out? What if I fall flat on my face and embarrass
myself in front of my family and friends?

Any person that is successful has had these thoughts and most have failed
many times trying to succeed. If what you try does not work out the first
time, does that mean you have failed? The answer to that really depends
on what you do next. Do you look at it as a learning experience and try
again or do you give up. If you give up, you have failed. If you learn from
what didn’t work and try again you have not failed.

Fear of Success

Fear of success is not as obvious to understand

Why would we fear success? Success is what we want, isn’t it?
Many feel a fear of success because they don’t like change. How is my life
going to change when I am successful? Yes, I want success, but I am not
sure I want the life changes that come with success.

Becoming successful means learning new things and stepping out of your
comfort zone and accepting new and more demanding responsibilities.
Many people fear these changes and in turn they fear being successful.

Overcoming Fear of Success or Fear of failure

Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists Face Your Fears
Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists Failure or Success

For many people the fear of success or the fear of failure is paralyzing to
them emotionally. Many people can’t get past this stumbling block that
holds them back from achieving the goals they really want.

The fears we feel come from thoughts, feelings, and self-talk that come into
our minds every day. In most cases these thoughts and feelings come
from our self-conscious and are usually from something we experienced in
the past or was taught to us by a family member or friend along the way.

Sometimes family and friends can be the best or worst thing for your
success. If you have a supportive family and friend network, sharing your
goals and dreams with them could be a great support system moving
forward. If your family and friends are not typically supportive of your goals
and dreams, telling them your plans could be a source of discouragement
to move forward. In this case find some understanding likeminded people,
either a few supportive work friends, a partner or spouse, maybe even a
counselor, pastor or support group, to share your goals and dreams with.

Thinking of Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists May Cause Mixed Feelings and Thoughts

A feeling or thought is just that, a feeling or thought. We all have feelings
and thoughts throughout the day and even dreams at night. Researchers
say we have 6000+ thoughts per day. Some exciting, some sad, some
inspiring, some discouraging, maybe some are even depressing or fearful.

A thought or feeling that pops into our mind does not mean anything until
we allow it to mean something in our life. What we do with that feeling or
thought is what can make or break us in the long run. Allowing your mind to
dwell on a positive or negative thought can be what determines your
success or failure so dwell on positive thoughts and let the negative ones
pass on by.

The “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” book was a huge help for me to
overcome my own fears of success and failure and allowed me to step out
and try and learn from mistakes instead of looking at mistakes as failures.
The only time you have failed from a mistake is if you didn’t learn
something from it.

“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” is an older book but as you can see it has
high Amazon reviews. Below is a link to the book and also links to some
YouTube videos about the book. Check them out and, feel your fears and
move forward anyway.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Book

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway – Over 6000 Amazon Reviews with 4.6 Stars – Click Here

Do You Want to Change Careers?

Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists

It use to be that there were not a lot of radiology job choices outside of working in a hospital or clinic.

We have researched many different ways to use your radiology skills that may be outside the box, but are still using your radiology training on one way or the other.

Some of the Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists are the typical career opportunities you would expect, but most are ones you may have never thought of.

The New Alternative Jobs for Radiologic Technologists PDF Contains the Following Information

  • The PDF document lists over 60 different career changes that are all radiology related in some way!
  • 20 of these career change ideas are possible self-employment or side gig opportunities
  • Possible Work from Home Opportunities
  • The majority of the career change ideas have links included to research the career change further
  • Many of these career changes you probably have never thought of yourself
  • Over 100+ Pages of New Radiology Career Ideas
  • The PDF has an interactive directory with links to each career option – Easy Navigation!

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